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 To teach age and ability appropriate football position skills

in a non-contact, low pressure environment. 

To provide excitement, encouragement and preparation

for the coming tackle football season with

a focus on technique and safety.


To provide our college bound youth with credible development opportunities in sports management. To provide a vehicle for them to demonstrate leadership and service in a way that can advance their academic goals.

Football is the most complicated of all the common American sports.  It is a game that is carefully orchestrated and choreographed, but is then made more complicated by the many position specific rules.  Imagine trying to get 11 boys to line up in a specific manner, each having different responsibilities, different stances, some can move around while others cannot, but they all must start at the exact same time and all 11 have to work together like a carefully choreographed dance for anything to work! If even one player is confused, the whole thing can fall apart.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg! It almost sounds impossible.  For these reasons, football is a very difficult sport for the youth athlete to pick up right away.  Once you throw in the added pressure of hitting and getting hit - fear and intimidation often prevent successful learning. 
For these reasons and more, we developed this camp to teach kids the great sport of football in a non-competative, low pressure environment where they can learn and practice their individual skills with success.  This is a non-contact skills clinic where we use matts and padded hitting dummies to practice skills.  While no single camp can teach all there is to know, it is our goal to develop each player to their current potential and help them to be in a position where they can learn more efficiently from their football coaches in the fall.