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Internships Now Available

Make your College Application STAND OUT!

Part of the Mission for All Pro Youth Football is:

To provide our college bound youth with credible development opportunities outside of athletics. To provide a vehicle for them to demonstrate leadership and community service in a way that can advance their academic goals.

We are excited to offer Internships for the 2013 Spring/Summer season.  Using a our sporting based business model, students will learn important entrepreneurial business practices that will help them achieve their goals of attending the college of their choice.  

Are you interested in any of the following opportunities?
      • Marketing/Advertising (traditional, internet, social media)
      • Sales (direct to consumer & internet)
      • Collaborating with sponsors 
      • Video production (video commercial web-ad, highlight, documentary)
      • Product Design and Launch
      • Coaching principles and practice
      • Leadership responsibility