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Speed & Agility

This camp is open to Male and Female athletes.  Anyone who wants to become faster, quicker, stronger - Better!

Any athlete - ALL athletes, require training to improve speed and agility.  Want to play in high school?  What to play in college?  Nearly all initial evaluation is metric driven from timed speed and agility drills with and without the ball.

Don't get left behind. Give yourself the competitive advantage of training your body to be fast and quick.

What you'll work on:
  • Dynamic & Static Stretch
  • Stride, Knee Lift, Hand motion
  • Reaction time
  • Economy of motion
  • Plyometrics 
  • Tandom bungee training
  • Agility drills
    • cone work
    • band and step work
    • Ladder work
    • 40yd dash
    • vertical & broad jump