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QB Academy

      Quarterbacks aren't born . . . 

Tim Tebow.  
Love him or hate him, no-one disagrees that his throwing motion and pure QB efficiency is not ideal.  Bad habits developed since youth may be impossible to correct now.  Imagine his success if he could combine is special leadership and passion with equal greatness as a passer.  - Hmmmm

Athletes rarely learn proper throwing mechanics, posture and footwork when they are young. But this is exactly when they should be learning, to avoid self-taught bad habits.

At the Quarterback Academy, you'll learn:
        • Importance of a proper ball grip on flight path and accuracy
        • Importance of "cocking" vs. "turning" the wrist on flight path and accuracy
        • Step by Step instruction on important mechanical action of the passing motion
            • Grip, Wrist, ELBOW, Elevation and Extension
        • Defining the throwing corridor and proper footwork & motion to set the corridor
        • Essentials of drop-back footwork and setting the corridor
        • Proper toss, pitch and option hand & footwork
        • Leadership, awareness, anticipation and preparation together lead to confident performance
At All Pro Youth Football, We believe in developing athletes.  No-one expects perfect performance from a youth athlete, but if we do not teach them how to use the tools, then give them an opportunity to practice those tools, how will they develop as an athlete?  

I've heard coaches say that they never use pitch options in youth football because the kids are just no good at it.  Well, I agree.  They are not good at it.  But I teach my kids how to pitch the ball.  We practice it and I give them the opportunity do it in a game.  When they are younger, the ball goes all over the place!  But by the time they are 13-14, they are extremely efficient.  The same goes with passing.  Develop athletes.  Don't focus on winning at all costs with youth players.