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The Offensive Clinic will focus on all offensive positions.  Although this is a non-contact clinic, we will be using padded hitting dummies to practice our skills. Drills will progress depending on ability from beginning to advance drills.
        • Quarterbacks 
        • Running backs 
        • Receivers 
        • Offensive Linemen 
The Defensive Clinic will teach techniques and skills for each position. Drills will progress from beginning to advanced.
        • Defensive Line 
        • Defensive Ends
        • Linebackers 
        • Defensive Backs 

During the youth football season, little time is available to teach all that is required.  Often, it is defense that gets shorted allowing more time to work on offensive plays.  While this practice can be understood, it unfortunately leaves players with less desire and confidence to play defense.  In this clinic, coaches will teach specific mechanics of motion, footwork, technique, terminology and strategy.  At the end of the clinic, players will know how to properly read & react to an offensive play, tackle in space, pass rush, contain, defend the pass, defeat double-teams, counter blocks, cut blocks and crack-back blocks.  The extended 5 day clinic provides the time needed to teach these positions and give the players the repetition to practice.