1. Is this camp only for tackle football players or can flag players benefit too?
    • This camp is for any player from any town who wants to have fun learning the great game of football. The "Hitting Camp" is of course geared for tackle players, however, the offense and defense camps will benefit the flag football player as well.
  2. Does my son need a helmet and shoulder pads?
    • No, this is a non-contact camp where no football pads are used. We use mats and padded hitting dummies to practice mechanics and technique.
  3. Does my son need cleats?
    • Please have cleats if you can.
  4. My son has played before and is a good hitter, does he really need to attend the Hitting Camp?
    • In our experience, few kids have received focused instruction like this.  Also, you can never have enough practice developing your hit. This is something even collegiate and professional players continue to work on - just as we do in camp!
  5. This camp sounds intense, is it appropriate for 7-9 yr olds?
    • The camp is designed to be FUN and low-pressure.  Every aspect of the camp is adjusted to be age and ability appropriate. A player is never too young to learn how to play properly. Football is a very complicated sport and most 7-9 yr olds struggle to understand the game.  This camp will help them immensely in that regard. Also, learning body posture and mechanics helps prevent injury.
  6. Is the t-shirt included in the price or does it cost extra?
    • The t-shirt is included. We want the players to leave with something they can wear and be proud of. One shirt per player per summer season please.  Multiple camps does not get multiple t-shirts.  One t-shirt per child.
  7. Don't the kids learn all of this stuff during the football season?
    • Many of the skills taught in this camp are touched upon during the course of the football season. Some teams spend more time than others. Unfortunately, the complexity of the game requires teams to move on quickly from individual skills and focus more time on the complex aspect of organized plays. This often leaves players to try to "pick it up" as they go.  This camp gives them a head start allowing them to maximize their potential in the team game.
  8. What should my son bring with him to camp?
    • He should wear weather appropriate clothing (usually shorts and a t-shirt). He should wear sunscreen. He should bring plenty of water. If he has asthma, he should bring his own rescue inhaler even if he is unlikely to need it.
  9. My question is not addressed here, who should I ask?