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The Rookie level was developed for players up to ag10. This camp allows kids to learn the game, the rules, the terminology and the unique positions in a non-competitive, low pressure atmosphere where fear and intimidation are removed.
Football is such a complicated and confusing sport that new players often struggle to pick up the concepts of the game. All players want to do well and please their coaches, however, first timers in particular often don't know what their coaches are talking about because they don't know the language.  And once they pick up the language, they then find that they do not know how to perform the act their coach is asking them to do.  This camp will help new players understand the football lingo and know "how" to do all of the main physical actions. When it comes to the fall football season, first timers who attend this camp will have a major advantage over those who have not.  Players will be able to better understand the coaches and develop faster in each unique team system.
The Rookies learn much of what the Veterans will learn, but at a bit lower and age/abiltiy appropiate level.