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All Pro

The All Pro clinic is designed for the serious athlete
Over the years, as a parent, a spectator and a coach, I have seen many young athletes often dominate a sport with their strong natural athletic ability - even though they have technically weak mechanics and technically poor position skills.  Sometimes such athletes neglect proper instruction in these techniques because they feel so dominant. However, I wish I had a dollor for every time I saw such athletes surpassed later by weaker athletes, because they never really learned their positions.  So I developed this semi-private training clinic to help develop the natural athlete to their highest potential.  Such instruction is directed toward two kinds of athlete:
  1. The serious youth athlete (9-13) that has exceptional athletic ability but wants to take his performance to the next level with focused position specific instruction.  The training is deliberately focused on proper mechanics, footwork, thinking logic, repetition and agility training. 

  2. The older athlete (14-17) that perhaps wants to prepare for the comming high school season, or wants to seriously take his personal performance to the next level.  Again, the training is highly directed to individual performance through intense focus on exacting mechanics of motion, footwork, thinking logic, repetition and agility training.
The All Pro clinic can be set up as one-on-one private training or in very small groups.  Availability is limited and the athlete should contact the clinic for more details on availability and cost.