What is YOUR team/organization doing 
to help address the risk of head injuries?          

Guardian Caps   

Buy it once - Protection for years!

Last year Price = $69.95
This year = only $55

Laboratory testing shows the Guardian Cap reduces impact energy by 33%

Brain Pad
 retail $24.99 - $34.99
All Pro Price = $15!!

For Aggressive Hard-Hitting Competitors
    • $8000-$12,000 Dental Warranty included
    • Protects both upper and lower teeth & BRACES
    • Reform as Braces are adjusted!!
    • Secures, Stabilized, Cushions lower jaw with Dual Thermoplastic Design
    • Tested and Proven to reduce impact energy 40% to the base of the skull and brain
    • Creates and retains at impact, a protective TMJ safety space
    • Best for increased Free Breathing - "Clench! and Breathe!"
    • Includes Lanyard Strap
    • Anti-microbial hard storage case with name label included

Study Funded by NFL:

Only Brain Pad showed statistically significant reduction in Head Injury Criteria (HIC) while all others where not different from the "no guard" condition!