Concussion Management

We are very excited to offer what we believe is a first of it's kind, comprehensive concussion management program.  It incorporates all phases of concussion prevention and management in what we call the E.A.T3. it up program!  Anyone who is serious about addressing concussions in football, must be thinking about these things.

E.A.T3. it up!

We've put together a few short videos at the bottom of the page to help give a general overview of the  E.A.T3. it up  program.  If you want more details, please visit each link below to find out more.


Any degree of prevention begins with education about the issue and raising awareness.  Click on this link to find all kinds of information on concussions including: 
  • How hard to youth players hit?
  • What causes a concussion?
  • What is second impact syndrome?
  • How do I know when my athlete is ready to return to play?


To really help reduce concussion in football, we must begin by training the athletes on the proper technique and mechanics of delivering a hard hit while protecting your brain.  We offer this training in the Hitting Clinic.

There is new technology that can help add to the safety of our athletes.  The Guardian Cap and the Brain Pad are two such technologies. Click here to learn more and how to get this technology.

Baseline Cognitive Assessment. 

Often, the physical symptoms clear up before the cognitive symptoms do.  

The only way to know if the brain is back to normal, is by comparing a post injury cognitive test with a baseline test. Baseline cognitive testing is available to the youth population for the first time! Click here to learn more and how to get it.