I thought the carefully planned way that hitting was taught, was really effective.  I haven't seen anyone take the time to teach it so thoroughly. The first day everyone was tentative and unsure what was going on.  By the second day you could really see a difference, and by the end, WOW!  Those kids were flying around. Confident.  Hitting hard, but with all the form and technique they were taught. Thank you.  - Gloria M. Broomfield, CO  

Great Camp. Learned about it while visiting family.  Made sure we came back to visit so we could attend the camp.  Texas is much bigger football, but there is more learning going on when you remove the contact.  Great job.  I hope we can come back next year.
- JT Liston, San Antonio, TX

This summer camp was awesome!  I've been to other camps, but they don't give you the explanation and understanding you get in this camp.  Coach Graham made me so much better in just one week than I got in three years of playing.  Thanks, see you next year for sure! 
 - James C.

I thought my son was already dominant before this camp. But this camp was local and cheap so I thought we'd give a go.  Something to do between baseball practices anyway.  But wow!  He learned so much.  He really got to work on himself.  This was a great experience.  - J.D.R.

I went to the "All Pro" one-on-one camp to pick up my game for H.S.  Coach Graham kicked my butt!  But I got so much stronger, quicker, better footwork and anticipation.  I know it's really going to help my game.  Thanks Coach!
- B.J.

I was impressed with how professional and how organized the camp was.  Coach Graham had the kids rotating through drills so efficiently. I was very impressed.  My boy learned so much.  I wish I had signed him up for all three camps!  Thank you for your excellence!  - D. Johnson

I was really afraid for my son to start playing tackle football. After going to the hitting camp I just feel so much better.  I was really happy with how my son was taught to hit.  He learned so much and gained so much confidence.  I'm just so glad we found this camp. Next year we are doing all 3.  -Debby K.

Contain, Counter, Crack!!!!!  That's what my kid kept saying after learning how to play DE.  He is so excited about this coming season.  He's played before, but now he says he gets it and is ready to kick butt! Thank you for this camp.  I'm telling everyone I know.  - Daryl S.

I knew football was complicated, but I had no idea just how technical it really was. My son is athletic and has played tackle ball for 3yrs, but never got this kind of teaching.  The coach really knows his stuff. At first I thought it might be too much for the kids, but it's amazing how fast they pick it up and how much they can learn.  
-Mike Olson.

The camp seemed a little long, but my son sure learned a lot.  He's played before, and was good.  But now he's a beast!  Thanks All Pro Youth Football.  -Mark D.

Finally something to help raise football to the same level as baseball in this area.  This is just what the front range needs!  Made me wish I could jump in their and do the drills with the kids!  -M. Martinez